What’s “match”?

Match financing

Match finance to support European ESIF (European Strategic Investment Framework) projects must come from a non-European source. There are pages of detailed guidance on what is eligible, but broadly speaking financial contributions from the following sources are all eligible as co-finance:

  • Public sector organisations (those receiving over 50% of their income from central or local government)
  • Non-profit making organisations registered with the Charities Commission
  • Private organisations
  • Donations of buildings and land for the delivery of the project
  • Renovation/construction costs for the purposes of the project
  • External mentoring time, provided this can be evidenced by payroll and timesheet.
  • Match finance needs to be available for drawing down during the project’s lifetime, usually three years.

It can be donated directly to the project delivery organisation, or to the Foundation who will act as the co-financing body, aggregating all match contributions.

If you’d be interested in discussing the match opportunities available, please email us or call on 01223 903 903 to start a conversation.