Rodney Baker-Bates

rodney_bakerRodney has had a long career in the financial industry. His current portfolio of Chairmanships includes: Willis Ltd, Ridgeons Group Ltd, Shropshire Group Holding, and Vice-Chairman AtlasFram Group Ltd. Since starting his career with Glyn Mills and Company (now incorporated within the Royal Bank of Scotland) in 1966, Rodney has held many Chairmanships and commercial appointments for a variety of organisations, including Stobart Group, EG Solutions, Arthur Andersen, Chase Manhattan Bank, Midland Bank, BBC, Prudential and Coral.

Rodney is a council member of The Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses and a trustee of Dolphin Square. He was also a Director of City Arts Trust Ltd responsible for the annual City of London Arts Festival. He is a retired Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company; and a retired member of the audit committee of The Wellcome Trust.