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In most cases, donations made to The Outset Foundation are used to create fully funded Outset services in local areas around the UK.

Outset is an enterprise creation service, established in 2009 to help stimulate economic development, financial and social inclusion through the creation of sustainable jobs and businesses. Offering a flexible and client-focused program of workshops, mentoring and coaching, Outset empowers people to take charge of their lives and overcome barriers in order to create their own self-employment opportunities. Each local Outset offering is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the local community, and always has a significant focus on working in wards with the highest deprivation levels.

Currently, Outset is operating in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

76% of Outset clients are unemployed, with a third of those being long-term out of work, and nearly half have additional barriers such as low or no educational qualifications, lone parent/carer, mental and physical health issues, and English as a second language – typically those people furthest away from the labour market. More than half are female, and 37% are young people or over 50. Outset supports black and minority ethnic people well in excess of their representation in the local populations.

By empowering people to transform their lives and ‘be their own boss’, this work has a significant impact on individuals and a delivers both a measurable economic benefit and a strong social return on investment, strengthening deprived communities, increasing aspiration and ambition, reducing financial and social exclusion, helping people escape poverty and increasing family resilience. Wider societal benefits, such as the cost of rehabilitating ex-offenders, drug and alcohol misusers, and those with disabilities, are substantially reduced when clients regain confidence and self-efficacy, improve their skills and achieve sustainable financial incomes for themselves and their families. This multiplies the impact of Outset’s work.

Since 2009, Outset has helped over 22,000 people across the UK explore enterprise and self-employment as an option, increase their skills and self-esteem. This has resulted in the creation of thousands of new businesses across the country, and nearly 10% of Outset businesses create additional new jobs once they’ve launched. This helps strengthen local economies and increase supply chains and brings measurable economic benefits. So far, Outset is estimated to have reduced the benefit bill and generated Gross Value Added and tax receipts to the tune of £42.4million, generating an outstanding return on investment to funders of 200%.

Outset’s data capture, evidence base, and rigorous client, financial and project management systems have been subject to three full European Commission audits and passed with flying colours, as well as full independent individual project evaluations. There is full transparency of evidence, impact and financials, and a strong, well-proven track record. This data has also recently been independently interrogated by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion and described as ‘exceptional’.

Outset is part of the YTKO Group, itself committed to delivering 50% of its work on a non-profit basis, and which provides fund-raising support activities, governance, strategic oversight and cashflow for Outset projects.

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